Somebody out there???

Finally!I’ve got to speak out things loud and clear.My energy and enthusiasm has been dripping day by day with all the hectic work schedule.l’ve been straying around relentlessly for the past 13 years to know what I want to do with my life.

So what i did was to watch interviews of people who are in such a place where I desire to be.They all had the same struggle as that of me-passed through the same spectrum of life instances and yet -they knew what they wanted to do!

“Something is seriously wrong I got to put things in perspective as soon as possible” said my inner voice.Apparantly doing what you love increases your productivity and makes the outcome of the activity even more fruitful (although you fail hard).

That is where it hit me hard.Failiure makes you feel motivated(and frustrated either sometimes).Moreover,I was feeling too comfortable with my work and had a subtle feeling for failing in tasks.

How can I find my love without exploring all of them?? This question led to the 1st chapter in my venture towards my goal.I,very sincerely started exploring all walks of life which could bring the full potential in me.After all,life can be only defined by experiences!


World in a blind’s vision.

Some questions about people always dazzled me quite often.Especially,from people with intrigued disabilities. Visualisation has been the most vital of all the senses in a human since the dawn of mankind.Moreover,Visual ability lets you coordinate your task in an appropriate way to engage in an activity.But,how does blind people perceive the world??How do they get to know about something or someone??Or how do they visualise an image by the sense of touch?

Recently, I got a chance to visit an old man accompanied with blindness.Infact,I was totally flawed by his lifestyle-the way he was able to identify people with his ability to hear and sometimes even by the sense of smell.My beleif was strongly inclined towards the paradigm that “blind people tend to have a strong sense of hearing and a sharp ability to pickup smells” ever since I met him.

At the beginning,I had a strong thought of raising question about his ability to imagine.Because ,that quality always triggered me take a wider look in a blind man’s perspective. When I asked him about his imagination, he sniffed at me and replied “I don’t imagine things as same as that of you people.However,my view towards a.problem or opinion cant be expressed.My imagination can be compared with the word ” total blackout “!

Later on,I asked him some regular queries that a man would usually ask-What do you do during free times?It bought a strong retort from his side-I love reading!.Every answer from his side shakes me up totally as that was an unexpected call.That was when I came to know about  Braille-It is a system of raised dots (in the place of letters) to generate a mental perception of a message intended to deliver through writing.

Till the end,I was not able to exploit his personality like how I wanted it to be.Perhaps,I had a strong sense of purpose after I met him.Moreover ,he created a strong sense of inadequacy within me that, I was not pushing myself hard which happens to be the true side of my life.On the other hand,His way of utilising resources has taught me to be wise.As the famous saying goes around ” when there is a will,there is way!”.

Why do I hate being around people?

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out,but to see who cares to break them down.If you are reading this,you would have definitely come across the term “Social anxiety”. This term is not only known to you but to number of great minds from Linus torvalds to Emma Watson(couldn’t come up with a better one).

Rigorous heart pumping and nail bitting circumstances when you are up to talk to new people(or especially to a crowd of new people)Why do we get such awful feelings Eventhough we regret this all time??

  • But Meanwhile, turning down the opportunity of meeting can repress your the social anxiety in your life but not from your social life!.The constant feeling of thinking about people’s disposition about me is just an apparent speculation

So finally,what does it takes to be socially responsible and easy rather than shrinking from social groups??This is what introverts do as their first step toward being socially better-No matter what your feelings are,just agree to the other end regardless of your opinion!!

The thing is that,shy people are very intuitive and judgemental about the consequence of meeting people which disastrously distorts the beautifull formed image about people(no offense at any cost).

I don’t know why I keep doing this, but as soon as a woman starts talking to me, I have a strong desire to flee the situation. I become tense, cold, and unresponsive and just keep looking for a way out. Then afterwards I beat myself up for not being more confident…!

What if time travel was possible?

Sometimes,the smallest things take up the most room in our heart.Childhood was the most beautiful of all the seasons.I wish,I was able to rewind  and go back to the innocent,blissfull,tender moments of my life.Everyone I bet, will crave for the fantasy part of that wonderland we all  spent our time once.

Many flavours of emotions have left its trace our my consciousness as we grew up.mean while ,regretting those tears won’t make them a speculation. Childhood is like being drunk,Every one remembers what   you did except you.

The cute,adorable school bag hanging over my short should with wild imagination in my mind accompanied with tears every morning to go to the paradise ,I once thought to be a hell.Meanwhile,the organised way of delicately wrappping notebooks with brown papers in my bag still makes me feel amazed and happy every time I think of it.

But now(in reality),ego,anger,wickedness, sense of jealousness have taken over my mind which was once a innocent piece of cotton candy in a lost amusing land.I wish ,I was able to make my way back to my past..

Chaotic introvertism

We live in a world where extroverts are valued and potrayed than the calm minds that changes the word with a trace(or more) of social anxiety.people don’t get the value of “quiet leadership” at any point.The term “quiet leadership” is not an oxymoron anymore.I come across incidents daily with people who claims to be extroverts with introvert complexion.They just tend to act as if they are socially prone to getting attached with people.
The thing with extroverts is that they have the ability to react accordingly to the people on the other end which gains them popularity(nowadays called love) easily and effortlessly. What makes them so special than us(introverts).introverts observe and listen more than extroverts which enchances them in certain areas of life.perhaps ,people don’t get the meaning between loneliness and solitude at some points.
For some,solitude is like the air they breath and that is where ideas evolve.I felt like writing is a prescriptive form of spreading messages in a powerful and eloquent manner. We (introverts) observe everything but we don’t just say much…